Automatic update modes

You may choose any suitable way to update you ConEmu installation

Automatic update (internal)

ConEmu is able to update itself if it was installed by Installer or 7-Zip package.

All what you need is to enable Automatic updates or just call ‘Help > Check for updates’ from SystemMenu.

Internet access issues

ConEmu’s internal update is using ConEmuC for accessing external sites. When automatic update check is issued, ConEmu tries to download version.ini with information about current versions available, and than, after confirmation, it downloads appropriate Installer or 7-Zip package.

At the moment there are several maintained locations where version.ini is located:

If your antivirus, proxy, firewall, router or provider blocks ConEmuC.exe from accessing these locations, ConEmu will not be able to update automatically.

If these locations are inaccessible from any browser on users PC, there are no options. User have to contact their network administrators for assistance.

But if version.ini is available, look for the options below.

Update Internet Explorer

Try to open in the Internet Explorer (not in your default browser). If it can’t open the site, try to update your Internet Explorer.

There were reports that after updating from 8.0 to 11.0 the problem with https access were solved.

Change version.ini location

If your provider/proxy/router blocks, for example, an access to, but https location, or are available, you may switch to working location by changing value Update.VerLocation via xml or registry. Look at the snippet below.

<value name="Update.VerLocation" type="string" data=""/>

Change internal downloader switches

To check internet issues from command line, run the following command.

ConEmuC.exe -download -

Actually, -download command has a lot of options like proxy settings, timeouts, agent name and others. They are described in ConEmuC -? printout, About dialog and online. You may play with them and if some option helps, change them in the Settings dialog or let us know.

Use any third-party downloader tool

Most known utilities available are ‘Curl’ and ‘Wget’. Just install them and switch to External downloader on the Update settings page. Sample commands lines are below, choose appropriate and tune their options if required.

wget.exe %1 -O %2
curl.exe -L %1 -o %2


Chocolatey is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.

With help of Chocolatey you may execute the command, which will download the Installer and do the update by msiexec.

choco upgrade conemu

Manual update

If ConEmu failed to download update package, you may download the package yourself from the primary download site.

Than you may trigger update procedure by Dropping downloaded package:

  • either on the ConEmu shortcut on the desktop;
  • or on the ConEmu’s window title bar or tab bar.

You may use automatic update by 7-Zip package or PortableApps’ standard method by selecting downloaded ConEmu_*_English.paf.exe.


Note Version of the available package may be obsolete because it’s not maintained by ConEmu’s authors. Anyway, the command to update MSYS2 package is below.

pacman --needed -S conemu